Mobile Couponing on the Rise

Mobile Coupons

The coupon trend is here to stay.  Mobile coupon redemption is set to exceed $43 billion globally by 2016 (Marketwire).  The growth is spurred by better mobile apps and targeting techniques.

Microsoft created an infographic showing the growth of mobile couponing (see below).  In the next 2 years, U.S. adults’ mobile coupon usage will grow 2X from 19.8 million to 35.6 million users (from 2011 to 2013).  This is a significant opportunity that marketers should not overlook when planning their marketing strategies.

There are different methods that marketers can use to send coupons to consumers’ mobile devices.  The top preferred methods by consumers:

  • Receive via email
  • Manually search for them
  • Scan a QR code when inside a store
  • Receive via text or instant message
  • Receive automatically when near a store
  • Check in through social media

Benefits of Mobile Coupons

A major benefit of mobile couponing for marketers is the ability to identify when, where and how many times a coupon is used in real time.  This provides marketers with immediate data on the value of their mobile coupon campaign.  From a consumer point of view, it is my hope that mobile couponing will serve to reduce the amount of paper circulations left in mailboxes and the need for consumers to print coupons from websites.

Infographic: Customers Embrace Mobile Couponing

mobile marketing and tagging

Learn More about Mobile Tagging at Microsoft Tag.


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