Super Bowl is in the air… And so is the buzz about the commercials! 3 things to expect this Sunday.

Super Bowl Sunday is in the air!  The Super Bowl is my favorite time to watch commercials.  These 30 second advertisements represent months of market research, a significant investment of time, and a large marketing budget.

One of the first big hit Super Bowl commercials was back in 1973.  It was a commercial for Noxzema featuring the New York Jets quarterback, Joe Namath.

Check it out: ‘Watch Joe Namath get creamed…’

Last year, a 30 second commercial cost in the ballpark of $3.1 million, with over 100 million people watching the Super Bowl (nielsenwire).  The 5 main categories for Super Bowl commercial spend are: Automotive, Beer, Motion Picture, Regular Soft Drink, and Tortilla Chips (nielsenwire).

3 Things to Expect this Sunday:

1)      Social Media Interaction:  Encouraging viewers to engage in discussion on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter not only during the game but post game too.  USA TODAY has partnered with Facebook for the 2012 USA TODAY Facebook Super Bowl Ad Meter.  During and after the game viewers can click and watch the ads, view, rate and share with friends on Facebook.  As well, this is the first time that in addition to selected panelists voting for the top Super Bowl commercial, the public will be able to be vote via the USA TODAY Facebook fan page.  Another new exciting initiative is that CNBC reporter, Darren Rovell announced that he will host an NBC Sports Google+ Hangout on the Monday post game to discuss the Super Bowl commercials (Press Release).

2)      A Gamified Mobile Experience:  Advertisers know that many viewers will have a mobile device in hand – be it a smartphone or tablet – during the Super Bowl.  And so, advertisers are incorporating watching the game and using a mobile device simultaneously. will be featuring a QR code during their commercial.  Viewers scan the code by putting their mobile device up to the television and will connect the viewer to the site.  This is a first for Super Bowl advertisements!  Chevy has a Super Bowl Smartphone appChevy Game Time.  Those with the app can win one of 20 Chevys and other prizes that will be given away during the game.  For the car giveaway, users get a license plate number and if the number they have matches the license plate on one of the Chevy cars in their Super Bowl commercial, they win one a car.

3)      Direct Consumer Input:  The viewers have direct input into commercials.  Doritos had its fans create commercials (  The fans then got to vote on the top 5 commercial entries and based on their votes, the top entry will be aired on Super Bowl Sunday.  Pepsi teamed up with the X Factor singing competition, where viewers vote for the winner.  In addition to a $5 million singing contract, the winner will be featured in the Pepsi Super Bowl commercial.  Pepsi launched the Pepsi Sound Off platform during the X Factor for fans to connect and discuss the show.   This platform has been updated for the Super Bowl where fans can connect once again, this time to talk about the game and of course the commercials too.

Updated website for the Super Bowl.

As you are watching the game, eating your wings, and drinking beer it might be hard to think about the advertisers, but they are thinking about you!  Will their brand reign supreme with the most consumer buzz?  Will they rank number one for the best Super Bowl commercial of 2012?  A lot of companies are waiting with excitement to see the return on their investment for this Super Bowl Sunday.


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