Some Great Examples of How Direct & Creative Marketing Can Get the ‘Right’ New Hires

Here are 3 examples of companies that have thought outside of the box and used a direct and creative marketing campaign to reach new hires:

1)      Ikea had a word of mouth campaign to recruit new hires in Australia by creating a set of instructions for assembling a career and inserted them into Ikea flat packs.

Outcome: $0 media spend, $0 postage, 4285 quality applications, and 280 new hires.

Key takeaway: Ikea spoke to the people who value their brand = customers.

2)      Scholz & Friends created Pizza Digitale – a QR Code pizza that was delivered with every order placed by major agency employees.


Outcome: Job interviews and new hires with digital competence.

Key Takeaway: Creative way to get in front of a target audience with a specific ability (digital competence, identify and read a QR code).

3)      Twitter staff was challenged to create the ‘best/worst recruiting video of all time’ during Hack Week.

Outcome: The YouTube video went viral within hours.  Posted on Friday it had over half a million views over the weekend.

Key Takeaway: Future hires connecting with the heart of the company – its employees.


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