#Make it Count… A Viral Marketing Campaign

If you are not one of the millions of viewers that have seen the viral video on You Tube by Casey Neistat and Max Joseph, then I have posted it below for you to see.  The video documents a journey to “Make It Count.”  Instead of the agreed-upon commercial, the two guys set out with the money they received from Nike to “Make it Count” in the way they defined the term… they traveled 34,000 miles, visited 16 cities in 13 countries on 3 continents.   It makes you wonder what would you do to “Make it Count?”

The Power of this Video Campaign – Different & Inspiring

The brilliance of this campaign is the actual tagline that was launched with the product at the beginning of this year, Nike FuelBand – “Make it Count.”

Casey and Max took the marketing campaign to the next level by going outside of the box.  It is not the same old famous athlete dressed in Nike apparel or a well-known actor making it count.  It is an average Joe living his dream and making it happen with the help of Nike.

This video inspires people to live their dream and see how they can transform their lives to “Make it Count.”  The video gains inspiration from famous quotes and clips of places and adventures around the world.

The success of the campaign is not only the You Tube video… It is the Consistent Social Media Campaign that launched with the product.  Here are some examples:

1. Twitter: Nike is front and center on Twitter when searching the hashtag #makeitcount.

2. Google: Search engine optimization… makeitcount and the FuelBand top results.

3. Pinterest: People are buzzing about making it count on Pinterest… They are using Nike advertisements and promotional materials as pins on their boards.

Make a Marketing Campaign Count

Nike has succeeded in an integrative marketing campaign.  If any lesson can be learned, it is that marketing is now about all the different communication avenues and fully integrating them to make a campaign count!


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