Mobile Commerce Using Apps on Smartphones is Gaining Traction in the U.S.

According to the recent report by Nielsen Wire, Which Smartphone Apps do Savvy Shoppers Use Most?, almost half of all smartphone users in the United States in June 2012 used shopping apps.

M-Commerce is gaining traction in the United States.  In my January post, F-Commerce and M-Commerce in the Know, I noted how eBay was investing in a marketing campaign to encourage mobile commerce.  Well, eBay’s marketing efforts have paid off!  eBay is ranked #1 for the top shopping app in June 2012.

Source: Nielsen Wire

eBay and Amazon major online retailers have captured the mobile shopper.  Online daily deal sites such as Groupon and LivingSocial have managed to also engage shoppers to purchase deals using their mobile devices ranking 3rd and 5th place respectively in the survey.  What is interesting is that Shopkick, a shopping rewards program app that works with retailers, is in 4th place for top shopping app.  While Target and Walgreens big box retailers have managed to engage mobile consumers.  It is important that not only online retailers delve into the world of mobile shopping but that all stores figure out a way to expand their reach.


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