Quick Marketing Tip: Search Twitter!

Take a few minutes today and search beyond your traditional search engine and go to Twitter.  So much information can be aggregated in real-time directly from your target audience.  Let’s take Starbucks for example…

Twitter Search “Starbucks” reveals the following information in seconds:

  • Customers use Starbucks as a meeting spot for business.
  • Starbucks consumers care about their health and the calories they consume.
  • People are talking about the business decisions that Starbucks makes.
  • Starbucks is seen as a treat or reward.
  • Starbucks is perceived as a home away from home. A place to go relax, meet friends or just people watch.

Twitter is a dynamic and social information network!

You should also try this with other social sites like Pinterest, Vimeo, Youtube, etc.


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