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Goal Setting Tips for 2013

A common trend for a New Year is to set goals.  Remember there are two types of goals, the long-term and short-term goals.  Long-term goals should be the big picture, reaching for the stars, dreams and ambitions that you are on the pathway to conquer.  Short-term goals is about the road map to achieve the long-term goals.  The following tips are for short-term goal setting:

1. Make goals flexible.  The year ahead can bring unexpected opportunities or challenges.  Be prepared to adjust goals to situations along the way.  This does not mean that you have to give up on your goal, it does mean that you might need to re-evaluate how to accomplish the goal and define a new benchmark for success.

2. Be realistic.  It is commendable to set goals high,going to the moon, having better health, achieving financial success.  The key question to assess is “how to pave the pathway to get there?”.  Set out to accomplish milestones that builds a foundation to achieve the  ‘big picture’.

3. Commitment is key success driver.  Sticking to something can be the hardest hurdle.  If we commit to a new routine, developing a new habit takes time.  Do not start something only to give up the next day.  Set a target time frame of commitment and try to get to that point.  Once you reach the targeted time frame, reassess and see where you stand.

4. Do not try to conquer the world.  Remember” Rome was not built in a day”.  There is a cheesy joke to keep top of mind when trying to do a large task… “How do you eat an elephant?  One bite at a time.”  In other words, do not try to tackle the entire task in one step.

These tips are relevant when it comes to personal and work goals.

For marketers some takeaways for 2013:

– Determine key social media strategies and tactics.  Select the social and technological innovations that will drive the largest returns.

– Work collaboratively with all the different areas – finance, sales, IT, communications, to yield the greatest results.

– Goal setting cannot be rigid.  Most importantly, be flexible, things come up in the marketplace that are unexpected.  Listen to the market, reassess and move forward.

Wishing everyone a great 2013!


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