Better Story, Greater Results! “WestJet Christmas Miracle” Resembles the “KLM Surprise” with a Much Better Story Line…

Everyone is buzzing about the “WestJet Christmas Miracle” video that has gone viral.

Did you know that WestJet was not the first airline to attempt a giving surprise?  A couple years ago KLM did a “Surprise” campaign.

There are a lot of similarities.  Yet no one seems to remember the “KLM Surprise”…  Because WestJet tells a much better story!!

The WestJet video sets the tone with the opening line… “Twas a night before Christmas…” Letting the viewer know that they will be told a story.




In a recent Adweek article, the author Jon Hamm makes a valid point regarding the power of storytelling “the most powerful way to persuade someone of your idea is by uniting the idea with an emotion. It’s indisputable that the best way to do that is by telling a compelling story.”

Benefits of Storytelling Marketing (POSTAdvertising):

1) Stories Produce Experiences

2) Stories Reveal What Makes Your Message Unique

3) Stories are the Emotional Glue that Connects You to Your Customers

4) Stories Shape Information into Meaning

5) Stories Can Motivate Your Audience Towards Your Goal

6) Stories are More Likely to Be Shared

7) Stories are Less Likely to Be Resisted

The key takeaway from the success of the WestJet direct marketing campaign is that to leave a strong impression, tell a good story!


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