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Ello? Ello! My first few hours with Ello, the new social sharing site.

I was lucky enough to be get an early invitation to the new social sharing site Ello.  All of a sudden this week, what feels like out of the blue, the media started buzzing with news of Ello, the “Facebook Killer“.  I am not going to write a post about the actual site, there are many talented writers/bloggers who have done an excellent job diving deep into the question of ‘what is it?’  Instead, I am going to share my first impressions:

Ello created a social Tumblr

When I first saw the site, I thought maybe this is Yahoo’s attempt at a social network.  It felt familiar in some ways, more like Tumblr than Facebook or Twitter with a social component.

Artists tread where no one else will go

When one neighborhood gets too expensive, the artists are the first to pick up and go to the next ‘crappy’ neighborhood.  Artists in essence stimulate gentrification by going to the crummy areas and making them beautiful.  And so, first they flocked to MySpace… Now they migrate to Ello.  Thanks to the many artistic early adopters, they are turning Ello from a plain template into a colorful canvas.  Yet again, “gentrifying” a space.

Do not worry, your mom is not going to join Ello!

Feel free to post away, because mom and uncle Bob are not going to be hanging out in this playground in the near future.  Ello is very simplistic, which adds to the beauty of the site… However, it is still in development.  There are glitches and it is not always easy to navigate and figure out.  It will take some time and tweaking before the early majority even consider getting on board.  So the late adopters and laggards are not going anywhere near this site for a long long time.

For now, I am going to stick with Ello and watch it hopefully grow out of its infancy into adulthood. Competition stimulates innovation, so those looking for an alternative social network this might be the place. However, Ello has a long way to go to be even considered a “Facebook killer.”


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